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About Massuah

The Massuah Institute for the Study of the Holocaust is a museum and an international seminar center designed to evoke discourse on the significance of the Holocaust in our contemporary society and culture. The Massuah campus comprises the central school for teaching the Holocaust, which conducts seminars for young people, members of the security forces, and teachers from Israel and abroad.

The Institute comprises archives, a library, dormitories, conference halls, and an amphitheatre - all designed to serve researchers and students; it also aims at encouraging the general public to discuss the connection between the memory of the Holocaust and central questions that are currently on the public agenda.

The institute’s main objective is to encourage preserving the memory of the Holocaust while placing special emphasis on its significance to our world, stressing profound questions about the essence of human beings that derive from studying the Holocaust, as well as the processes of shaping memory in Israeli society and its effect on our perception of the events of the Holocaust. Every year Massuah conducts a memorial assembly on the eve of the International Holocaust Day which designed for the diplomatic corps in Israel. Various events for the general public comprise publishing a yearbook, and conducting seminars and tours of the museum. Throughout the year young people, soldiers, students, and teachers visit the museum to learn about the Holocaust and its relevance to our lives today. During their visit they can participate in theoretical workshops, visit the exhibits and meet with Holocaust survivors.