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Holocaust Comemmoration Day Opening ceremony

Opening of the 2011 Holocaust Remembrance Day Assembly

Aliyat HaNoar

Rescueing  Children and Youth During the Holocaust

The assembly will take place on the eve of the Holocaust Remembrance day

 Sunday, May 1th, 2011 at 8 p.m.

At the Massuah amphitheater



Chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz

Massuah Vice Chairperson,Prof. Yizhaq Kashti

Yizkor ceremony

IDF honor guard

Yizkor – Aya Ben-Naftali, Director General, Massuah

El Maleh Rachamim, Prayer for the Dead – military cantor

Kaddish, Yechiel Shilo, Ministry of Education

The torch of revival – Natan Scheransky

Artistic program

Hosts and excerpt reading by Olla Shor-Selector, Sasson Gabai

Singing: Amir Benayun

The Li-ron Choir

Director: Yahli Bergman

Artistic management: Nava Semel

Production: Ayala Vamgarovitch-Feller, Ayala Gewirtz

The assembly will be broadcast live from the Massuah amphitheater on HOT Telecommunication Systems Ltd.

Sunday 1 May, 2011
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