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New Trends in Poland’s National Memory

New Trends in Poland’s National Memory

A one-day seminar

On December 22, 2009 a one-day seminar was held at Massuah, devoted to the discussion of new trends in Poland’s national memory.

The seminar opened with a tour of the street exhibition, “Saviors of Jews during the Holocaust in Malapolska (Lesser Poland),” which was exhibited at Massuah over a two-month period.

The speakers at the seminar were:

David Peleg, Managing director of ILAR and Israel’s former ambassador in Poland: Analogous narratives: the Polish and the Israeli-Jewish narrative

Dr. Johanna Vavshiniak, Warsaw University: “The Warsaw ghetto uprising” or the “Polish uprising”: a critical perspective of the culture of memory in contemporary Poland

Dr. Michal Govrin: Memory of the victim or memory of the murderers: reflections following a visit to Auschwitz.

The seminar is a joint project with the Polish Institute in Israel, and was recognized as an extension course for instructors who accompany youth delegations to Poland.

Friday 1 January, 2010
Video Gallery
Dr. Yohanna Vabshiniak, Warsaw University
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