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Lecture in memory of the late Alex Grossman

In March 2008 Massuah held a lecture in memory of the late Alex Grossman – the honorary chairperson of Massuah, a Holocaust victim and prominent public activist in Canada and Israel. Grossman’s vision was that the lessons of the Holocaust should never be forgotten. His dedication and devotion to the idea contributed to building the Grossman School – the International Center for Holocaust Studies,” on the Massuah campus, and placing Massuah at the spearhead of educational endeavor in the field of teaching the Holocaust in Israel and abroad.
The memorial lecture was delivered by Judge Aharon Barak, the retired President of the Supreme Court. He spoke on human rights and national security. Other participants in the memorial session were Professor Yitzhak Kashti, deputy chairperson of Massuah, and Mr. George Grossman, Chairperson of the Friends of Massuah in Canada, who headed a delegation of members of the organization from Toronto.

Sunday 2 March, 2008
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