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Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day 2008 Assembly

The 2008 Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day assembly was dedicated to Exodus – 1948 and was held in the presence of Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and the Massuah Chairperson, Mr. Shraga Milstein.

During the moving ceremony six torches were lit by Yithak Ganuz, Shlomo Hameiri, Dvora Gelman-Spinner and Dr. Moshe Tiomkin, all Holocaust survivors who came to Eretz Israel aboard the Exodus. Among the other people who lit torches were Yitzhak (Ike) Aharonovitch, who was the captain of the ship, who lit a torch together with Galia Ashkenazi, who was born on board, and her sister Sima Stadler. The torch symbolizing revival was lit by the General Officer Commanding the South, Yoav Galant together with his mother, Fruma Segal-Galant, who came on the ship, and his daughter, Or.

Dr. Ephraim Sneh read the words his father, Moshe Sneh, had said to the illegal immigrants: “The eyes of the entire world are directed toward you, to these three banished ships in which you are imprisoned. Million of Jewish hearts all over the Diaspora are beating as one with your hearts. We are filled with pain and pride. Pain for your fate and our fate, and pride on your valiant opposition. Thanks to your strong spirit, due to your resolute decision to conquer for yourselves and for us our only homeland – Eretz Israel. Your story will be written in blood, sweat and tears, but it must end in victory.

Actors Yonah Elian-Keshet and Sason Gabi participated in the artistic program. Singer David D’or and the Liron Choir of Herzliah, conducted by Ronit Shapira participated.

Artistic management: Nava Semel

Director: Yahli Bergman

Production: Ayala Feller, Ayala Gevirtz

Tuesday 1 January, 2008
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