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Film premiere – Phoenix

In November 2008 Massuah hosted the premiere of Michah Shagrir’s film Phoenix, which is a documentary that relates the stories of Holocaust survivors who contributed to the country in various fields. The premiere was dedicated to the memory of retired Justice Dr. Moshe Beisky, who also served as Massuah’s chairperson from 1992 to 2006; the premiere was part of a special conference held by the public committee for the project of the Contribution of Holocaust Survivors to the State of Israel. The following people spoke at the event: the then Minister Rafi Eitan; Massuah’s chairperson, Mr. Shraga Milstein; District Court Judge, Hila Gerstel; Chairperson of the public committee, Arieh Minkevitch; Zvi Gil, journalist and project initiator, and Michah Shagrir – the film’s producer and director.

Sunday 2 November, 2008
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grinberg & gerstel
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