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Seminar for military attachés in honor of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day – 2008

In the framework of the events marking the International Holocaust Remembrance Day Massuah organized a special event attended by the foreign military attachés. They met with the Commander in Chief of the Israeli Air Force, Major General Eliezer Shkedi, a son of Holocaust survivors, who said :”I am proud to be standing here with you, second generation to Holocaust survivors, as combat pilot in the Israeli Air Force. The Israeli Air Force and the State of Israel serve as a guarantee that such atrocities will never happen again.”
The retired judge, Hadassah Ben-Ito, who is currently studying the motif of Jewish conspiracy in contemporary anti-Semitism said to the attachés that “even today the conspiracy theory about the Jewish attempt to take over the world exists. This thesis, which it is, in fact, being used as an effective strategy, is part of Nazi heritage, and serves as a pivotal and prominent topic in the propaganda disseminated by the Moslem world, including countries that have signed peace agreements with Israel.”
The military attachés toured the various exhibits in the Massuah museum, and at the end of the event held a ceremony at the memorial site in Massuah and laid wreathes on the stones.

Thursday 24 January, 2008
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