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Three lines in history: ceremony at the exhibition opening

How can one concretize the special and dramatic aspect of the culture of youth in the Zionist youth movements in Europe in the 1930s for young people today? How can one convey the total experience of belonging to a movement that gave young people a point of view, patterns of behavior, social belonging, a language, symbols, and national challenges? And above all – how can one describe the feeling of being partner in such a great historical moment? The beliefs that you are part of an avant-garde movement, and that in your very actions you are a trailblazer and a founder of a new nation and society?

To address this complex challenge, talented creators from diverse spheres joined the curatorial team: multimedia, design, graphic art, music and choreography. Together they created this unique exhibition “Three Lines in History,” which tells the story of the Hanoar Hazioni and Akiva youth movements, from the time of their inception until the establishment of the State of Israel.

The opening performance comprised video art performed by the Shakatak Ensemble, and directed by Yahli Bergman.

The festive opening of the exhibition was attended by Minister of Education, Professor Yuli Tamir, Minister Michael Melchoir, Lova Eliav, Yehiel Shilo, director of the Rural Education Department and numerous guests, among them, many graduates of the Scouts youth movement. The Shakatak Ensemble appeared at the opening.

The exhibition was made possible by the generous donation of the Claims Committee, the Ministry of Education, the Grossman family of Toronto, the Jewish National Fund, the United Jewish Appeal of Canada, and the Society of Formers Residents of the Tarnov Community in Israel.


Thursday 1 May, 2008
Photo Gallery
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