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A meeting of the participants in Operation Eichmann

On January 15, 2007 Massuah conducted the first meeting of all the participants in the operation of capturing Eichmann and bringing him to Israel – members of the ISA, the Mossad, and the El Al crew who took part in planning and carrying out the special flight to Buenos Aires and back. The event took place in the presence of the head of the ISA, Yuval Diskin, and El Al’s CEO, Haim Romano.
The participants toured the permanent exhibit “Six million prosecutors, the State of Israel vs. Adolph Eichmann,” took part in a discussion moderated by journalist Dan Margalit, and reminisced about the 1960 operation in Argentina, which was concluded by Eichmann landing in Israel. Eichmann was brought to trial and sentenced to death. During the meeting items related to the operation were shown for the first time in the Massuah museum exhibit. Among these items were a map of Buenos Aires which served the surveillance team, the pen with which Eichmann signed his agreement to be brought to trial in Israel in his hiding place, and the cane which served one of the capturers who disguised himself as a passerby when following Eichmann.
Mossad agent Yaakov Meidad said that he was chosen to take part in the operation due to his ability to change identities and his social skills, and his ability to give people a sense of confidence without arousing suspicion. Meidad was in charge of renting the necessary vehicles and apartments. He was one of the agents who stayed with Eichmann in the hiding place. He described the surprise he felt when he met the mass murderer face to face: “You have no idea what a small and fearful man he was, what a weakling, the way he signed and the way he behaved, this man who had sent millions to their death…”

Wednesday 17 January, 2007
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