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Meetings of former members of Breau 06 of Israel’s police force together with the chief of police an

On April 6, 2009 a special event took place at Massuah; a meeting of the members of Bureau 06 – the police unit which was in charge of Adolph Eichmann’s interrogation, gathering evidence, taking testimonies and preparing the Eichmann trial in Jerusalem.

The unit, which was founded in Israel the day after Adolph Eichmann was arrested, worked over a nine-month period at Iyar Camp, under a clandestine cover and in a closed camp.

The event at Massuah was moderated by Gideon Zelinger, the son of the unit’s commanding officer, the late Rami Zelinger.

Gideon Zelinger moderated a panel; participants were Michael Goldman and Menachem Rash – who served as the unit interrogators, the retired Justice Gabriel Bach, who was a member of the prosecution in the trial in all instances, as well the unit’s security people, policemen and civilians who worked day and night preparing the material for the interrogation, which comprised tens of thousands of documents and testimonies.

Advocate Tami Raveh, daughter of the trial’s chief prosecutor, Gideon Hausner, took part and delivered a talk.
Moderator: Gideon Zelinger

Monday 6 April, 2009
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