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2008 Ceremony for awarding the title of Massuah Worthy

In 2008 the Massuah worthy title was granted to three of Massuah’s founders, all members of Hanoar Hazioni, who were active in the underground movements in the Vilna, Kovna and Będzin ghettos during the Holocaust.

Nissan Reznik
Nisssan Reznik was one of the ideological and organizational founders of the underground movement in the Vilna ghetto ( F.P.O. -United Partisans Organization) in 1942-1943 and was a member of the underground headquarters. In 1943-1944 he was a partisan in the forests and in 1944-1945 was one of the organizers of the Bricha movement in Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Italy. Nissan Reznik came to Kibbutz Nitzani; he was a POW in Egypt and returned to Israel nine months later. He was one of the initiators and founders of the Massuah Holocaust Institute and an active member in the organization’s institutions for many years.

Shalom Herzberg
Shalom Herzberg was born in Będzin and was active in raising money and buying ammunition for the ghetto’s underground during the Holocaust. From October 1943 to 1945 he was imprisoned in several concentration camps. When the war ended he was involved in locating Nazi criminals and in the Bricha movement from Germany to France, Switzerland and Italy. For many years Shalom has been an active member of Massuah’s executive committee and has served as chairperson of the organization’s financial committee.

Azriel Levy
Azriel Levy was a member of the Bnei Zion Organization established in Kovno, Lithuania during the Soviet regime (1940) whose members we active in the ghetto underground. He was caught and arrested when he left to join the partisans, but was released by the head of the Jewish police, who cooperated with the ghetto underground. After the liberation he went to Italy as a counselor in Aliyat Hanoar and with a group of young people came to Israel and worked as a counselor in the Mosinzon youth village in Magdiel. Azriel served as an accountant for Massuah and upon retirement served for many years as the chairperson of the organization’s auditing committee.

Tuesday 1 January, 2008
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