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The International Holocaust Remembrance Day – January 27, 2008

Every year Massuah conducts the International Holocaust Remembrance Day for the senior diplomatic corps serving in Israel. This year the event was conducted in concert with Yad Vashem and in the presence of Mr. Avner Shalev.
Rabbi Meir Yisrael Lau, a survivor of the Buchenwald camp, described his experiences as an eight year old after the camp was liberated, and said to the ambassadors, “You, who represent all the countries of the world, should pay attention to the words of a mad leader. Take it seriously and do not ignore him.”
Massuah’s chairperson, Shraga Milstein, said to the ambassadors: “Those among us who have survived these atrocities, fully believe that it is our task to condemn and prevent discrimination, incitement, and intolerance, which is based on religion or ethnicity. We believe that the best way is to explain the lessons of the Holocaust. Difficulties in understanding the atrocities committed in the Holocaust in an enlightened society today serve as fertile ground for denying the Holocaust, as we have seen in the statements of Iran’s president.”
Professor Yehoshua Bauer, one of the most important scholars of the Holocaust in Israel and throughout the world, an Israel Prize laureate, and scientific advisor to Yad Vashem, was the key speaker at the assembly.
During the assembly a gallery talk was held at the exhibition entitled One Family, mentored by artist and photographer Vardi Kahana. The event ended with a ceremony at the memorial site; the ambassadors laid wreaths and listened to an assortment of musical passages.
Journalist Merav Michaeli hosted the event.

Sunday 27 January, 2008
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Video Gallery
   Prof Bauer in hebrew
   Prof Bauer in english
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