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The 2008 Massuah Yearbook

The 35th issue of the Massuah yearbook, Massuah – Islands of Memory, was dedicated to various perspectives related to shaping the worldwide memory of the Holocaust in the 21st century, through the architecture of memory in Israel and the world.

The launching of the yearbook took place in December 2008 at Beit Hatefutsot in Tel Aviv. The evening was devoted to the question of the innovations introduced in the Holocaust museums over the last decade. Architect Shosh Rotem presented the architectural patterns used by the Holocaust museums in the United States. Massuah’s director, Aya Ben Naftali, spoke about the curatorial and design characteristics of the museums in the United States, Europe and Israel. Writer Michal Govrin spoke about the problems of presenting the Holocaust at the Auschwitz memorial site – focusing on the process of extermination while ignoring the personal stories of victims. The editor of the Massuah yearbook and its academic advisor, Dr. Nili Keren, opened the conference and moderated it.

Monday 1 December, 2008
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