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Book launching of Divine Grace: The Story of Moshe Beisky and the Righteous Among the Nations

In February 2008 Massuah, together with the Schoken Books, held an evening in honor of the late Moshe Beisky, who was a retired justice and chairperson of Massuah between 1992 and 2006, and the launching of Divine Grace: The Story of Moshe Beisky and the Righteous Among the Nations, by Gavriel Nissim.
For many years Dr. Beisky acted for the Righteous among the Nations, and for teaching the story of the Holocaust to young people in Israel and throughout the world. Dr. Beisky believed that this was his personal way of instilling awareness of the Holocaust and contributing to a better and more humane world.
In October 1974 Dr. Beisky said about Oscar Schindler:
“I am acquainted with the deeds and actions of almost all those who were recognized as Righteous Among the Nations…however, Schindler is the only one who did something unknown in the entire history of rescue. He was the only one who produced a list of names comprising 300 women sent to Auschwitz Camp, and transferred them to his factory, where they reunited with the husbands and parents (700 in number) whom he had transferred there previously from another death camp - Gross Rosen. There is no doubt that this extensive rescue act, which saved 1,200 Jews from death, places Schindler among the greatest of the Righteous Among Nations. But among those whom he saved, Schindler has become a legend, due to his unique personal and human attitude, his willingness to listen and seek solutions for daily personal problems.. additional food, provision of medicine, ordering new glasses for a pair lost, transferring a letter…and after all, we were 1,200 people – and the problems were abundant…we came to say goodbye to our benefactor… a man with a rare spirit has left us… but his deeds will shed light on a better world…”

Sunday 2 November, 2008
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