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Junior high schools

Seminar programs for junior high schools comprise guided activities in the exhibits, theoretical workshops, and meetings with Holocaust survivors.

The junior high school students learn about the experiences of people their age in the Holocaust, their relationships with their families, their dreams and difficulties, and their survival during the Holocaust and rehabilitation after liberation.

Massuah offers diverse activities. You are invited to choose the ones you like and contact us in order to coordinate a seminar.

Workshops and Activities

“We had lost our way…” Jewish children in the Holocaust

My Hundred Children (workshop)

The story of the children’s home established by Lena Kuchler.

On People and Objects (workshop)

The significance of objects and their loss to children during the Holocaust. The subject of objects serves as a means for focusing on the loss of the components of individual identity, and the ways in which children cope with their loss.

Anti-Semitism and Racism in Nazi Ideology (workshop)

Analysis of the traces of Nazi ideology in posters, films, and postage stamps.

Examples of a seminar designed for junior high school students (9:00-14:00)

9:00    Assembly at memorial site

9:30    Workshop: On people and objects

11:00  Break

11:30  Visit to the museum;

             “ Addressee has left- Destination unknown"
“Three lines of history: Zionist youth movements 1928-1948”

12:30    Meetings with Holocaust survivors

14:00    Conclusion

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