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Testimonial Films

Coordinator: Dr. Haim Cohen

Massuah’s archives hold a valuable collection of testimony films of Holocaust survivors, filmed in a special documentary project. Initially the project was carried out in conjunction with Yale University and Beit Hatefutsot. Later, Massuah undertook the documentation endeavor single-handedly.

The collection holds testimonies of some 300 Holocaust survivors. The testimonies are detailed and comprise some 2,000 hours of film. The witnesses, who were interviewed and photographed, were asked to talk about their world before the Holocaust, as well as their life during and after it. They describe in detail the life of their families and communities. The description of their daily life is interwoven with historical events. Their life during the Holocaust is the lion’s share of their testimony.

The witnesses are men and women, some of whom were children during the Holocaust, others experienced it as young people, or people with their own families. The diversity of the witnesses affords us an opportunity to look at the events of the war and the Holocaust in different locales, providing us with personal aspects, which were the result of different personalities and the life circumstances of those who experienced the events.

Forty testimonies were selected and and were made into edited documentaries, which can be purchased. The full testimonies can be viewed at the Massuah Archives.

For more information:


Zipora Vardi, Hungary
Orna Birenbach, Poland
Yehuda Maymon, Poland
Jack Klinger, France
Phela Finkelstein, Poland
Irit Romano, Poland
Rafi Ben-Shalom, Rumania
Uziel Lichtenberg, Poland
Shlomo Volkovitch, Poland
Aliza Baruch, Greece
Rivka Cooper, Poland
Michael Yizhaki (Gelbtrunk), Lithuania
Aharon Carmi, Poland
Azriel Levy, Lithuania
Yeshayhuo Rosenblum, Hungary
Tushia Herzberg, Poland
Hela Rufeisen-Schuepper, Poland
Nisan Reznik, Poland
Ari Tarsi, Czechoslovakia
Meir Bosak, Poland
Eitan Porat
Halina Birenbaum, Poland
Israel Gutman, Poland
Eliezer Lidovsky, Poland
Simcha Rotem (Kajik)
Emmanuel Racine, France
Dov Freiberg
Daniel Oswald Rufeisen, Poland
Leon Blat, Poland
Aviva Unger, Hungary
Shlomo Pearl, Poland & Germany
Sara Snar-Nishmit, Poland
Shevach Weiss
Bronia Klibansky, Poland
Frida Mazia, Poland
Yizhaq Artzi, Romania
Shlomo Shafir, Lithuania
Yaakov Grishtein
Menachem Ofan
Zvi Zohar, Poland
Avivit Kashiv, LIthuania
Arye Patran, Hungary
Avraham Goldberg, Germany
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