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Documents Archive

'Zionist Youth' Archive
'Akiva' Archive

Coordinator: Dr. Haim Cohen

The Document Archive comprises a collection of documents and publications related to the Holocaust, the Jewish world prior to the Holocaust – community institutions, youth movements, collections of personal documents, Brichah [Escape, the organized effort that helped Jews escape post-Holocaust Europe to Palestine] and She’erit Hapleita [literally, the surviving remnant]. It is the chief archive of the history of the Hanoar Hazioni and Akiva youth movements.

The documents are arranged according to subject in 12 units. Among them are unique collections of postal items from the time of the Holocaust, personal testimonies of Holocaust survivors, personal archives of active members in Hanoar Hazioni, archives of Irgun Yotzei Mercaz Europa (Association of Israelis of Central European Origin), a journalism unit, personal archives such as the personal estate of Yehiel Sidroni that contains a unique collection of posters that document perpetuating the memory of the Holocaust in the nascent State of Israel, etc.

The archive serves researchers, curators, students, and the general public. The exhibitions in the Massuach Museum are mainly based on this unique archival collection.

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