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The Grossman School – the International Center for Holocaust Studies

The Grossman School is an international seminar center for teaching the Holocaust that sees educational activity as the most meaningful way of memorializing the Holocaust and its victims. The seminar center is recognized by the Ministry of Education as a central school for Holocaust studies.

The educational program focuses on central issues related to the period of the Holocaust, human dilemmas with which people coped, and the relevancy of these subjects to the lives and identity of young people today. The discussion of the processes of shaping memory examines the effect of the Holocaust on the collective memory of Western society in general, and Israeli society in particular.

Seminars are conducted at the school throughout the year for high school students, youth delegations, youth movements, students and student-teachers, teachers, and educators from Israel and from abroad. One-day seminars are conducted for members of the security forces. During their stay at the school the participants take part in theoretical and creative workshops, visit the museum and meet with Holocaust survivors.

The school operates on the campus in a rural environment and comprises classrooms, lecture halls, a museum, a dining room, and a dormitory suitable for a maximum of 140 students. Two-day seminars and longer seminars can be conducted, in which food and board on provided the premises, as well as different types of seminars according to the needs of specific groups.

The languages of teaching are Hebrew and English.